Make a Pin with a DesertBug Designs Art Button

This is a cute and simple pin you can make using any one of my Art Buttons.
Materials List

18 Gauge Artistic Wire  
28 Gauge Artistic Wire  
1 DesertBug Designs Art Button  
1 Pin Back  

Assorted matching "E" beads and other accents
such as pearls, swarvoski, czech glass, metal, or DesertBug Designs acccent spacers.

Basic wirework tools:
round nose pliers, side cutter



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Gather all of your materials and tools together.


Cut a piece of 18 gauge wire about 8 inches long. Bend the wire and fit through the pin back holes.


If your pinback doesn't match the hole width of your button, use your pliers to flatten and square the wire so it will string straight through the button holes .


Now, string the button through the 2 wire pieces.


Wrap the top wire in a spiral on your button.


Make a simple wrapped loop on the bottom wire. Your pin should look like this.


Now, take another piece of 18 gauge wire about 8" long, and wrap it around the wire between the button and pin back 1-2 times, tightening the hold of the two pieces incase they are a little loose. Make sure the two tails of wire stick out the top.


Now, string some accent beads through one of the tails on top, and finish the end with a spiral. Wrap the other end around the bottom and cut flush.


Now, make two dangles with a 3 1/2 " piece of 28 Gauge wire by looping the middle through the bottom loop of the pin, and then stringing more accent beads on the wire on each side, and finishing the ends by making a small wire wrapped loop on each side

STEP 10:

Your pin is now finished, and ready to wear! You can always take off from here with other ideas for your next pin, with different pinbacks, more dangles, etc....!


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