Make a Pin with a DesertBug Designs Heart or Owl Focal

This is a simple and elegant pin you can make using any one of my Focal Hearts or Owls.
Materials List

16 or 18 Gauge Artistic Wire - 8 to 9" piece
1 DesertBug Designs Focal Heart or Owl Bead
Assorted matching "E" beads and other accents
such as pearls, swarvoski, czech glass, metal, or DesertBug Designs acccent spacers.
Basic wirework tools:
round nose pliers, side cutter, round dowel or pen

Basic chasing tools:
Anvil and Chasing Hammer

Basic finishing tools:
Fine sandpaper, flat metal file, cup burr



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Gather all of your materials and tools together.


Cut a piece of 16 or18 gauge wire about 8 to 9 inches long. Using your flat file, file down one end to a point. Use your cup burr tool or file to smooth both ends.


Fine sand your pointed end.


Now, using your anvil and chasing hammer, flatten about 2- 2.5 inches in a slight curve working from the pointed end.


Notice the curve of the wire.


Following the curve of the hammered pointed end, wrap your wire TWO full wraps in the direction away from the curve. This makes your spring


You can use a large or small dowel here, it all depends on the look you want. Keep in mind, the bigger the loops, the less wire you will have left for adding your beads.


Now, make a small loop using your round nose pliers.


Bend the wire so it goes points down,

STEP 10:

Now string your accent beads, focal, and accent beads on.

STEP 11:
Make one more small wire wrapped loop
on the end. With the last wire, curve it into a U shape for the clasp hook.
STEP 12:

With the last wire, curve it into a U shape for the clasp hook with your round nose pliers
STEP 13:

Check the fit of the clasp into the hook, and adjust as needed.
STEP 14:

Your pin is finshed!

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